NRNA Canada Women and Children Affair Committee organized the 107th International Women’s Day Program in Brampton on March 18/2017.

The theme of women’s day program was the same of 107th International Women’s Day set globally “BE BOLD FOR CHANGE”. Primary goal of the program was to celebrate the international women’s day and in addition to that for encouragement of women’s participation in community activities, to know current Nepali Women’s social status, discussion of role and responsibility to change women’s status and to inform the community about the important role played by NRNA Canada for the support of women’s health and other social uplifting.

The community leaders of various social sectors, activists delivered their views in the program and the other talent show programs were also launched in the day. Poem recital, songs, dances, and sports were performed.  Committee member Arati Oli welcomed for the participants and other members of committee duo Jyoti Aryal and Sarita Baniya emceed the program.  General Secretary Suman Lamsal, Treasurer Surya Prakash Bhattarai,  Tourism envoy Nar Bahadur Tandan, NCC Member Madhav Gajurel, Cultural envoy and Nepali folk singer  Purna Nepali , NRNA Canada  Advisor Gopi Krishna Kaphle,  NCNC Vice-President Deenesh Khatiwada, NPCC president Buddhi Prakash Oli,  president of Nepalese Janajati Association of Canada (NJAC) Giri Budhathoki,  Mishra KC, Shara Micucci, Radhika Aryal, Gita Pant, Mamata Silwal KC, Pratima Kapaer, Sharada Kharel,  Peel School Board teacher Poonam Guleria, social activist Deepak Anand also put their views regarding  the importance international women’s day. Most emphasis was given for gender equality through women’s self-motivation, and education and social participation. Speaking at the program Women and Children Affairs Coordinator Pramila Basnet explained about the importance of the program and the theme of the day. She also briefly mentioned about the situation of women in Nepal, and Nepalese women in Canada and about the activities and charity project supporting by NRNA Canada Women and Children Committee to support for women health of marginalized community.  Spokes Person Kismat Bhandari thanked to all the guests, participants, artist, volunteers, media persons and the venue provider. At the end President Tulsi Sapkota concluded with the summery of the program. Mr. Sapkota appreciated the role played by Women and Children affair coordinator Pramila Basnet and the team for making Nepalese ladies awaken and joined hands in NRNA Canada and for actively working in committee. He explained the difference in problems of women in developing country and developed country like Canada. Encouraging in education upgrade, language and other professional skill development and maximum involvement of women in social activities would be key points for the improvement of the situation. For this all men of the families and the forward women circle need to support the weak members of the community. NRNA Canada is doing best for it.

It was worthy to note that all the participants’ enthusiasm and positive spirit helped to make the program dynamic, amusing and successful. Special recognition should be given to artists/volunteers Prerana Oli, Swarna Oli, Saharsh Oli, Sudippi Kapar for their selfless volunteering, venue provider owner/ operator of Everest Taekwondo Dhiren Shahi, small children Alice karki, Richa Timilsina, Simone Ghimire, Biva Shrestha and Sabhyata Sharma who showed their talent breaking piece of wood with very small hand or leg which was very impressive in the program. Special thanks to Ashir Subedi for his amusing songs and cultural dance of Prerana Oli.  It is very much appreciated for the volunteering of photography and videography by   Ram Kaji Moktan who has taken and posted the professional photography of the program. It would be incomplete without appreciation of NRNA Canada Event, Cultural and Fundraising committee coordinator Santa Rajbhandari who arranged the dinner for the participants, and communicated with artists and volunteers. Thanks also goes to Binod Sen for the banner of the day.  NRNA Canada would like to say great appreciation to donors for your financial support to Nepali Women’ health support fund.

Material support received from as listed below to make the program success:  

  1. Gita Panta $40.00 ( foods)
  2. Nar Bahadur Tandan ( TIM card as gift to artists).
  3. Jyoti Aryal
  4. Sarita Baniya
  5. Aati Oli
  6. Sonu KC
  7. Gita Dawadi
  8. Sarita Shrestha (Paper plate)
  9. Pramila Basnet

Funds collection for Women’s health Support Funds

Gita Dawadi, Deputy-Coordinator, Women & Children affairs committee, $60

Hem Raj Pandey (Insurance Advisor )                                     $50.00

Kamala Sapkota                                                                            $25.25

Madhav Gajural                                                                             $50.00


Buddhi Prakash Oli (President NPCC)                 $101.00

Sonu Kc                                                                      $20.00                       Sabita Khadka                                                            $12.00              Bimla Sapkota                                                            $20.00

Arati Oli                                                                       $12.00

Jyouti Aryal                                                                 $50.00

Sarita Basnet Baniya                                                   $35.00

Pramila Basnet                                                             $50.00

Sabina Khadka                                                              $25.00

Sharada Kharel                                                            $50.00

Program surplus                                                           $90.00

In total $615.25 collected in the program (this amount is good enough to cover for five women’s treatment in remote areas of Nepal).

Thanks for your time and support.

With warm regards,

Pramila Basnet


Women and children Affairs Committee

NRNA Canada, National Coordination Council.